Pop up Backwall Tube / 1 pasang A4 Size, Paper Foam Board x0.5 CM  ,W 210 X H 297 mm Tripod Bunting Stand Magnet Strip with 3M Doubleside Tape /30 meter per roll Brochure Stand Metal Black F4 Menu Stand A3 Size Double Pole Teipod Bunting stand Exhibition Package B 3 Meter Flag ( Water Tag) Event Desk Type : Economy A3 Size , Paper Foam Board x0.5 CM ,W 297 X H 420 mm Square Folding Table Event Desk Type : Standards T- Bar Tripod Stand ( Round Gray Bottom) Easel Stand Aluminium Black Folding Panel Verco Blue (8 big +4 panel small ) Folding Panel White (8 big +4 panel small ) Full set Pop Up Counter Curve Type Ordinary PopUp Backwall 3x2 Stight Flag Banner Support Pillar PopUp Backwall 3x3 Stright Pop up backwell stabilizer Stand  /1pcs Beach Flag 3  meter Crystal Light Box Frame   A4 size

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